Standard Lungi Bangladesh depends on the size. Size means Height will be 55″ and Length will be 94 inches (Minimum). We are selling the best brand lungi at a low price.

Standard Lungi Bangladesh

The minimum height of a lungi will be 55″ and length will be 94 inches. Sana is a factor for standard lungi. Sana 160 is required for a good lungi. The fabric of a lungee is very important. Cotton is the best.


Size depends on the height of men. Lungi size calculated based on hand. In Bangla is called Haat. The minimum length is 5 Haat.

There is a small size also for boys. A long size for toller man. Before buying a lungi pls think about the three things. These are:

  • Size
  • Cotton
  • Calendar (মার)


The lungi has a different design country to the country base. In south India, most people wear unstitched lungi. White is a common choice.


It depends on the quality. A good lungi will cost more TK1000.00. The minimum price is BDT150.00


This depends on the choice. White, blue, red are more popular.

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